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About Dale and Precision Dogs

Dale Stavroff trains dogs for technical work, such as tracking, search and rescue, explosives detection, cadaver detection and personal protection, and for competition of all kinds, from dog shows to sporting dog field trials to Schutzhund trials (German dog sport involving protection work, obedience and tracking). He also trains pet dogs for select private clients, including Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who has praised him on her internationally broadcast radio show and Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Dale’s training approach empowers you and your dog.

Dale has written extensively on dog structure, behavior and training for the specialty dog market. He was the first non-veterinarian invited to speak at the Veterinary Technicians Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia and has been an instructor for the State of Washington's Search and Rescue Conference. He has made many media appearances as an expert commentator, including CBC, Shaw and CTV Television in Canada, AM Northwest morning show in Portland Oregon and KLCK Radio in Washington State.

Read Dale's article on "Human-Animal Interaction...Perception Is The Key."

Dale began training dogs while growing up in Toronto, Canada, using the age-old conventional methods available at the time. As an adult, he spent ten years working with extremely disturbed children obtaining an unprecedented success rate. When he decided to return to working with animals, he brought with him new ideas and philosophies based on his experiences with children. He spent many years developing and testing his training program that evolved into the current Dale Stavroff Method of Canine Education, which also enjoys unprecedented success.

An accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter with his own CD, he has performed in front of thousands of people as a musician, and regularly enthralls audiences of dog owners at his seminars, workshops and lectures.

Many never get to experience one of Dale's "other loves" - cooking. His family is captivated with delicious daily meals that would rival the most renowned chef, especially his personal favorite recipe for Gumbo.

Clients visiting his home in British Columbia, find their attention drawn to the paintings that decorate the walls. They are always amazed and delighted to discover that Dale is the artist of most of them.