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Testimonials from Clients
Precision Dogs:

I have spent my entire life working with and passionate about dogs, beginning as a child growing up with pets to currently owning a highly-trained multi-tasking Search and Rescue dog. I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on conferences, seminars, presentations, classes, books, videos, and television programs about dogs and training. I belong to multiple canine organizations and have participated in most of the dog-related sport activities. I have trained my own dogs in the past and have seen "experts in their field", "noted trainers", and "renowned programs". But NEVER have I seen a trainer with more knowledge, understanding and skill than Dale Stavroff of Precision Dogs. He doesn't just 'work with' dogs - he knows, reads and understands them. Not limited to helping just the 'easy' dogs, Dale's expertise manifests with the 'impossible' dogs.

I have seen countless 'untrainable' dogs arrive at Dale's as the last stop in a long fruitless chain of other trainers and experts before their owners are faced with the final unthinkable alternative. With his incredible powers of observation and assessment, Dale is able to accurately evaluate the dog and develop a successful training plan, returning them to their homes as well-behaved enjoyable pets. On several occasions, in the length of time it takes me to bring my dog from the car to his front porch, Dale has assessed their behaviors and revealed more about my dog than I was able to ascertain myself living with her in the previous months. Dale's training program is based on correct assessment of displayed behaviors, basic learning/motivation psychological principles, trust, understanding and mutual respect. His genuine love and respect of the dogs, his incredible intelligence and knowledge, and his keen awareness of body language makes him amazing at training dogs and their owners. Because he knows that the owners will ultimately become the 'trainers' for the rest of the dog's life, Dale readily shares the various principles and techniques that will keep their pet responsive and a valued member of the family.

Since the day I first met him, there has never been any doubt that my next Search and Rescue dog would be trained by Dale. Predictably, my Dale-trained German Shepherd, Penny, was by far the most impressive dog I had ever owned. As his business name implies, her obedience was precision and her search work impeccable. After easily acquiring her first American Kennel Club working title, "Tracking Dog", and her AKC "Canine Good Citizen" title, it almost seemed effortless to get her AKC "Companion Dog" obedience title.  Not only did she get her three qualifying scores in the first three shows entered, but her scores were all in the 190's (out of a possible 200) and she placed first in her class while competing against professionals.  I can only attribute such success to Dale's training.  She was a joy to have at work with me and our Sheriff's Office was proud to have us respond to emergency incidents. Penny's skill in detecting limited kinds of explosives created a demand for her from law enforcement agencies and schools throughout the County.

Since illness took Penny from me a few years ago, Dale has trained two Accelerant Detection Beagles for me...Trevor, now 6 years old and Rafa, almost 3.  I certify easily with both dogs every year and I’m always proud to be one of only a few who breeze through the tests with just a single run-through.  Both dogs are committed to their scent work and self-motivated to search tirelessly and meticulously for liquid accelerants at fire scenes.

So it is with great honor and pride that I highly recommend Dale and Precision Dogs to anyone genuinely interested in the most reliable, confident, intelligent dogs for companions or working partners.

Respectfully and gratefully,

Eileen Porter

Klickitat County Sheriff's Search & Rescue

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