Precision Dogs...Uncompromising Excellence
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Testimonials from Clients
Dale and Precision Dogs:

Having watched rescue dogs on television and read every book I could find on the subject, I knew growing up that someday I would have a trained working dog. I spent almost 40 years searching for someone that would have the same passion about dogs as I.
Dale was recommended to me when I purchased my first German Shepherd to be my partner in Search and Rescue. I knew from the start that I wanted a dog with flawless obedience and a driven work ethic and it was clear that Dale was the trainer that could make that happen. Not long after Dale completed my first dog's training, Buddy found four lost hunters in almost blizzard conditions. Buddy has been a wonderful partner and companion, but as his age progressed and his health declined, I began the search for his replacement. Dale suggested some possibilities, I found my next prospect and once again, off to Dale's facility she went. Greta is now my field-ready search dog and I have total confidence in her abilities. Dale has trained her for tracking, cadaver and article/evidence searching. She is dedicated to searching and her alerts are clear and consistent for me. I never worry about not having a "second take" on search missions when lives could be depending on us. It brings me pure joy and excitement to watch her work. When we are called out on a search, Greta is the first to jump into action. Before I gather up my gear she is sitting at the back of my car waiting anxiously for me. Dale has shaped her into the best search and rescue dog I have ever had. Thank you Dale, for your time and commitment in producing the best K9 companion anyone could ask for.

I have been a member of the Klickitat County Search and Rescue organization for eight years. I know that searching for lost people is not a game, not a hobby, not a sideline. It's serious work that demands reliable, dedicated resources and Dale is the only one I know that can produce such a canine. Whether you want a faithful family companion or a dedicated working dog, I highly recommend Dale Stavroff.


Linda S. Phelps