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Testimonials from Clients

I first met Dale in 1995 when my wife asked me to meet "a great new dog trainer" that she had met. Several previous and highly ineffective experiences with other 'dog trainers' made my skepticism and frustration impossible to hide.

Immediately upon meeting Dale, I asked him to demonstrate, on-the-spot, his skills with handling dogs. Either he could or he couldn't, and I was not wasting any more time or money finding out.

I remember as if it was yesterday, my lower jaw dropping open as I witnessed Dale handle his own German Shepherd dog Abbey. Perfect obedience and graceful motion as he directed her through a series of complex behaviors. She was only about six months old! I had never seen anything like it before. Could this be for real, or was this an unusual example? We were about to find out.

After expressing my complete amazement at what I had just witnessed, I passed Dale the leash attached to our hard-nosed, all black German Shepherd dog K.D.

To this point in her life, K.D. had exhibited serious aggression problems and lack of fundamental obedience, despite the excellent care, love and attention she was provided every day.

Once again, I was astounded at how immediately K.D. responded to Dale. Perfect joyful obedience to his desired behaviors. Quite frankly, it was embarrassing to see K.D. do so for Dale, and not for her family, but I knew we had found our new trainer. Importantly, K.D. seemed to know that Dale understood her.

In the months that followed, Dale taught us how to handle K.D. and patiently explained the various principles involved. His lessons were highly effective, and as we practiced what he taught us, K.D.'s behavior changed rapidly toward the desired and consistent results. Beyond the practical aspects of this training, Dale and K.D. developed a major bond of friendship and mutual respect. K.D. was overjoyed to see Dale each and every time. Dale was simultaneously disciplined, yet kind toward K.D., and she responded with obedience and a complete change in her previously expressed aggressive behavior patterns.

Over the years Dale has proven beyond any doubt that he is a great dog trainer and the best we have ever seen. His own incredible intelligence and knowledge, combined with his genuine love, respect and understanding of dogs and their behaviors has proven to be exceptionally effective in training dogs and their owners. We have referred many of them to Dale.

In summary, Dale is amazing at what he does. He is at least world-class and probably the best there is in his field.

I am certain that if a dog owner is committed to a result, is prepared to listen to Dale's advice and, commits to following through on it, Dale's training will yield the desired canine behavioral result 100% of the time. If not, then I respectfully suggest that the dog owner not waste Dale's time, nor their own. There are too many other dogs that need his help, and so few good trainers to help them.

Sincerely yours, Paul A. Senov