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Testimonials from Clients
I spent my entire life around animals, from horses to dogs, and in that entire time I never met anyone who taught me more about animals and especially dogs, than Dale Stavroff. I had a 3 year old German-bred, alpha-driven female Shepherd. I loved her dearly and she challenged me more than I can describe in words. Through all the training methods I had previously used, KD had become aggressive, confused and unhappy. I must admit I felt the same way.

When I met Dale and he explained some of his theories to me and demonstrated, through other dogs, that he could help us. Within the first week KD was greatly improved. We started together - the three of us - down the road to discovery. I worked with Dale off and on for over 2 years, absorbing the knowledge that he so readily shared and I learned how to 'do the dance' with KD. This dance is unlike any other method. Dale showed me how to instill a desire in the dog to learn and, a willingness to eagerly do the right thing. He taught me how to read her signals, communicate in terms she understood and most importantly, to establish a level of trust where she learned that whatever I asked her to do she could trust me 100%. I would never let her down and she would always 'win'. There were rewards of love, affection, praise and most of all, the pride of knowing she was an excellent partner and friend. It became a pleasure for KD and me to learn new things together.

We did this using only praise and positive methods. No tugging on leashes and collars, no pushing her body to the ground to sit. None of those humiliating techniques were required. She learned to sit, down, heel, jump, touch, off, kennel up, in the truck, leave it etc. She knew all of these, and so much more, in German to boot. These methods of training lead us to tracking and all sorts of interesting things for her to do. She was engaged in the theory of learning and she was 'ready to dance' her whole life through and that she did until the end.

I have applied all of these methods to our next German shepherd, Piper, who Dale found for us. She has been raised this way since she was 12 weeks old. I adjusted some things to her softer personality and she blossomed. Since day one she has been a fantastic 'dancer' and lives a joyous life, secure with who she is and intuitively responds to anything we ask (sometimes it takes a little training along the way since she is still young). She is a loving, happy, eager shepherd who loves all dogs and people she meets. We are most thankful to have her with us.

If you really are looking for the best way to give yourself and your dog a wonderful life you owe it to both of you to work with Dale. He is an expert at what he does and will willingly help you understand what to do and get in sync with your pet no matter what breed. It takes time and the learning curve will be great but it is worth it. He truly cares about dogs and people and that is a rare thing.

There are people who can get you to make your dog do things some of the time and then there is Dale who can help you do the dance, there is a very big difference. Dancing is much more rewarding for you both.

I will be eternally grateful to Dale as I know KD was and Piper is too.

Sincerely Penny Senov.