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Testimonials from Clients

Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers...I was very impressed with Dale's unique method of handling and training dogs. Dale truly understands the way the mind of a dog works and had helped to instill happiness and confidence in both of my dogs, and has shown me how to do the same.

Penny Senov...I never met anyone who taught me more about animals...than Dale Stavroff.

Gil Cates, Producer, & Dr. Judith Reichman, author of I’m Too Young to Get Old...Dale Stavroff is a great trainer. If you want to have a great relationship with your dog, the Stavroff method is just what you need.

Paul A. Senov...Dale is amazing at what he does. He is at least world-class and probably the best there is in his field.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger...Dale is a great guy and a fabulous trainer.

Linda Phelps, Klickitat County Search & Rescue...Not long after Dale completed my first dog's training, Buddy found four lost hunters in almost blizzard conditions...Whether you want a faithful family companion or a dedicated working dog, I highly recommend Dale Stavroff.

Lisa Shupe...Dale demonstrated in just a few minutes with our puppy at the seminar, how quickly correct habits could be formed and a solid foundation established.

Georgia Combes...Without Dale¹s Level One Training Course, guidance, support, and tracking work...I would not have such a reliable dog that understands how to learn...It has not only helped to produce a great dog, but I have grown into a much better handler and trainer.

Eileen Porter...I have seen "experts in their field", "noted trainers" and "renowned programs", but NEVER have I seen a trainer with more knowledge, understanding and skill than Dale Stavroff of Precision Dogs. He doesn't just 'work with' dogs - he knows, reads and understands them.

Dr. Lorne Carroll DVM... Dale Stavroff is the best, most common sense trainer (for both dogs and people) that I have ever met and I gladly refer my clients to him.

Chris A. Mace, (former) Sheriff...I would certainly recommend Dale Stavroff and Precision Dogs to any other agency interested in starting or enhancing their respective K-9 program.

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