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Testimonials from Clients

To Whom It May Concern:

I was very impressed with Dale's unique method of handling and training dogs. He works in a way that shows the dog that learning, training and obedience is enjoyable and rewarding, as opposed to something the dog is forced to do. My dogs, Sam and Kate, enjoy their training sessions and are now willing to learn. I have learned a lot about what my dogs' behaviors mean, and how to solve behavior problems with the dogs by understanding and addressing the source of the bad behavior. Dale truly understands the way the mind of a dog works and had helped to instill happiness and confidence in both of my dogs, and has shown me how to do the same.

Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers

I spent my entire life around animals, from horses to dogs, and in that entire time I never met anyone who taught me more about animals and especially dogs, than Dale Stavroff. I had a 3 year old German-bred, alpha-driven female Shepherd. I loved her dearly and she challenged me more than I can describe in words. Through all the training methods I had previously used, KD had become aggressive, confused and unhappy. I must admit I felt the same way.

When I met Dale and he explained some of his theories to me and demonstrated, through other dogs, that he could help us. Within the first week KD was greatly improved. We started together - the three of us - down the road to discovery. I worked with Dale off and on for over 2 years, absorbing the knowledge that he so readily shared and I learned how to 'do the dance' with KD. This dance is unlike any other method. Dale showed me how to instill a desire in the dog to learn and, a willingness to eagerly do the right thing. He taught me how to read her signals, communicate in terms she understood and most importantly, to establish a level of trust where she learned that whatever I asked her to do she could trust me 100%. I would never let her down and she would always 'win'. There were rewards of love, affection, praise and most of all, the pride of knowing she was an excellent partner and friend. It became a pleasure for KD and me to learn new things together.

We did this using only praise and positive methods. No tugging on leashes and collars, no pushing her body to the ground to sit. None of those humiliating techniques were required. She learned to sit, down, heel, jump, touch, off, kennel up, in the truck, leave it etc. She knew all of these, and so much more, in German to boot. These methods of training lead us to tracking and all sorts of interesting things for her to do. She was engaged in the theory of learning and she was 'ready to dance' her whole life through and that she did until the end.

I have applied all of these methods to our next German shepherd, Piper, who Dale found for us. She has been raised this way since she was 12 weeks old. I adjusted some things to her softer personality and she blossomed. Since day one she has been a fantastic 'dancer' and lives a joyous life, secure with who she is and intuitively responds to anything we ask (sometimes it takes a little training along the way since she is still young). She is a loving, happy, eager shepherd who loves all dogs and people she meets. We are most thankful to have her with us.

If you really are looking for the best way to give yourself and your dog a wonderful life you owe it to both of you to work with Dale. He is an expert at what he does and will willingly help you understand what to do and get in sync with your pet no matter what breed. It takes time and the learning curve will be great but it is worth it. He truly cares about dogs and people and that is a rare thing.

There are people who can get you to make your dog do things some of the time and then there is Dale who can help you do the dance, there is a very big difference. Dancing is much more rewarding for you both.

I will be eternally grateful to Dale as I know KD was and Piper is too.

Sincerely Penny Senov.


Dale Stavroff is a great trainer. His deceptively simple techniques are based on a true understanding of the psychology of dogs and the dog-human bond. Our dog Lucy is not only well behaved but is happy, confident and a delight to own. If you want to have a great relationship with your dog, the Stavroff method is just what you need.

Gil Cates, Producer, and Dr. Judith Reichman, author of I’m Too Young to Get Old.

I first met Dale in 1995 when my wife asked me to meet "a great new dog trainer" that she had met. Several previous and highly ineffective experiences with other 'dog trainers' made my skepticism and frustration impossible to hide.

Immediately upon meeting Dale, I asked him to demonstrate, on-the-spot, his skills with handling dogs. Either he could or he couldn't, and I was not wasting any more time or money finding out.

I remember as if it was yesterday, my lower jaw dropping open as I witnessed Dale handle his own German Shepherd dog Abbey. Perfect obedience and graceful motion as he directed her through a series of complex behaviors. She was only about six months old! I had never seen anything like it before. Could this be for real, or was this an unusual example? We were about to find out.

After expressing my complete amazement at what I had just witnessed, I passed Dale the leash attached to our hard-nosed, all black German Shepherd dog K.D.

To this point in her life, K.D. had exhibited serious aggression problems and lack of fundamental obedience, despite the excellent care, love and attention she was provided every day.

Once again, I was astounded at how immediately K.D. responded to Dale. Perfect joyful obedience to his desired behaviors. Quite frankly, it was embarrassing to see K.D. do so for Dale, and not for her family, but I knew we had found our new trainer. Importantly, K.D. seemed to know that Dale understood her.

In the months that followed, Dale taught us how to handle K.D. and patiently explained the various principles involved. His lessons were highly effective, and as we practiced what he taught us, K.D.'s behavior changed rapidly toward the desired and consistent results. Beyond the practical aspects of this training, Dale and K.D. developed a major bond of friendship and mutual respect. K.D. was overjoyed to see Dale each and every time. Dale was simultaneously disciplined, yet kind toward K.D., and she responded with obedience and a complete change in her previously expressed aggressive behavior patterns.

Over the years Dale has proven beyond any doubt that he is a great dog trainer and the best we have ever seen. His own incredible intelligence and knowledge, combined with his genuine love, respect and understanding of dogs and their behaviors has proven to be exceptionally effective in training dogs and their owners. We have referred many of them to Dale.

In summary, Dale is amazing at what he does. He is at least world-class and probably the best there is in his field.

I am certain that if a dog owner is committed to a result, is prepared to listen to Dale's advice and, commits to following through on it, Dale's training will yield the desired canine behavioral result 100% of the time. If not, then I respectfully suggest that the dog owner not waste Dale's time, nor their own. There are too many other dogs that need his help, and so few good trainers to help them.

Sincerely yours, Paul A. Senov


Dale is a great guy and a fabulous trainer.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Dale and Precision Dogs:

Having watched rescue dogs on television and read every book I could find on the subject, I knew growing up that someday I would have a trained working dog. I spent almost 40 years searching for someone that would have the same passion about dogs as I.
Dale was recommended to me when I purchased my first German Shepherd to be my partner in Search and Rescue. I knew from the start that I wanted a dog with flawless obedience and a driven work ethic and it was clear that Dale was the trainer that could make that happen. Not long after Dale completed my first dog's training, Buddy found four lost hunters in almost blizzard conditions. Buddy has been a wonderful partner and companion, but as his age progressed and his health declined, I began the search for his replacement. Dale suggested some possibilities, I found my next prospect and once again, off to Dale's facility she went. Greta is now my field-ready search dog and I have total confidence in her abilities. Dale has trained her for tracking, cadaver and article/evidence searching. She is dedicated to searching and her alerts are clear and consistent for me. I never worry about not having a "second take" on search missions when lives could be depending on us. It brings me pure joy and excitement to watch her work. When we are called out on a search, Greta is the first to jump into action. Before I gather up my gear she is sitting at the back of my car waiting anxiously for me. Dale has shaped her into the best search and rescue dog I have ever had. Thank you Dale, for your time and commitment in producing the best K9 companion anyone could ask for.

I have been a member of the Klickitat County Search and Rescue organization for eight years. I know that searching for lost people is not a game, not a hobby, not a sideline. It's serious work that demands reliable, dedicated resources and Dale is the only one I know that can produce such a canine. Whether you want a faithful family companion or a dedicated working dog, I highly recommend Dale Stavroff.


Linda S. Phelps

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a person who regularly seeks out education in the training of animals. I have come to find that Dale Stavroff was instrumental in helping my family and I establish lifelong patterns in the mental habits of our dogs. As a veteran horseman, I have known and seen the importance of foal imprinting. The lifetime benefits and mental welfare of the animals is clearly evident with proper imprinting. After attending one of Dale's seminars, it became clear to me that the techniques and methods that he uses for dogs and puppies, parallel all the principles of foal imprinting. Dale demonstrated in just a few minutes with our puppy at the seminar, how quickly correct habits could be formed and a solid foundation established. To this day, even with inconsistencies in our everyday handling, her mind is such that she excels over all our other dogs that did not have the benefit of that initial exposure as youngsters.

Thank you Mr. Stavroff for sharing your methods with not only professional animal handlers, but the everyday pet owner. In this ever changing world, the canine species doesn't always succeed and is often misunderstood. Your teachings have opened doors to give the everyday pet owner a chance to appreciate and have a better understanding of their canine companions.


Lisa Shupe

I am the Secretary of the BC (British Columbia) Search Dog Association. I have an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) validated dog for Search and Rescue. My dog is validated in both profiles of Searching and Tracking, for which she is tested annually by the RCMP. This could not have been achieved so readily without the expert teaching and guidance of Dale Stavroff.

I have taken Dale¹s Level One Obedience Dog Training course, as well as have had my dog spend 20 weeks of tracking training with Dale. This course has changed my ideas on how dogs learn, work expectations from the animal, and helped to produce a happy, driven, mischievous, problem-solving dog. Using Dale¹s methods has created a solid obedience dog, which is the foundation for all other activities that Rhime is called upon to do in her working life.

Rhime has gone on to achieve a CKC CD (Canadian Kennel Club Companion Dog) in her first three trials, with 2 High In Trials and missed a 3rd High In Trial with a score of 197 (of a possible 200). She also has a CKC Working Certificate, as well as being validated with the RCMP for the past 3 years.

A working dog's life is relatively short. The first dog I trained for Search and Rescue was four years old by the time I finally was able to validate her. By using classical conditioning and some positive methods of reinforcement, I somehow managed to validate. By going through Dale¹s program and guidance and having a serious plan developed right from 7 weeks old, I validated Rhime when she was 26 months old. While I have continued to work and train Rhime she has proven to be calm, confident, and always ready and willing to work.

Rhime¹s dedication to the track and tracking has received high praise from the RCMP. The tracking test for Search and Rescue is what the RCMP calls a Level One test. However, once the testing Dog Master followed behind Rhime on their own higher level tests of Level Two and Level Three, there is no doubt that Rhime is able to work human scent.

She has little difficulty moving from low scent areas (such as pavement, gravel school playgrounds or gravel roads) into areas of higher scent (such as the thick salal, salmon berries, and devils club that we encounter on the West Coast of British Columbia). Her scent discrimination whilst tracking enables her to maintain a track that has been highly contaminated by cross tracks of people and other animals, domestic and wild. It gives me great confidence as a handler that Rhime is working human scent and not distracted by other scents. It is a joy to work behind Rhime.

Since the job I have chosen for Rhime is to look for missing people, I require a solid, reliable, animal. There are many people counting on Rhime and I to clear areas, giving a reliable indication of whether a subject is in the area or not. Since many of our searches are at night, I need Rhime to understand my verbal signals and I also need to know what her alerts are indicating. All of which have required on-going constant teaching, training and reinforcements, since Rhime was 7 weeks old to today.

Without Dale¹s Level One Training Course, guidance, support, and tracking work that Dale has done, I would not have such a reliable dog that understands how to learn. It has not only helped to produce a great dog, but I have grown into a much better handler and trainer. Dale's constant challenging of me and my old-wives-tales training ideas, has helped to establish a fair and honest relationship with my dog, one in which Rhime will trust me, thus allowing Rhime to achieve even more.

I have a very happy, driven, dedicated working dog, who is calm, patient, has a sense of self and can solve problems that arise from searching for lost, missing and hurt people. Because of Rhime's confidence, she easily adapts to new situations and noises. She is able to be transported in a variety of vehicles, including, all sizes and types of boats, helicopters, ATV¹s, motorcycles, excavators, and even on the back of a horse.

I would like to add my high praise to Dale Stavroff¹s method of training a working dog. It has been invaluable for my dog and me.

Thanks Dale, it has been worth every idea-crushing minute.

Georgia Combes
Powell River, British Columbia

Precision Dogs:

I have spent my entire life working with and passionate about dogs, beginning as a child growing up with pets to currently owning a highly-trained multi-tasking Search and Rescue dog. I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on conferences, seminars, presentations, classes, books, videos, and television programs about dogs and training. I belong to multiple canine organizations and have participated in most of the dog-related sport activities. I have trained my own dogs in the past and have seen "experts in their field", "noted trainers", and "renowned programs". But NEVER have I seen a trainer with more knowledge, understanding and skill than Dale Stavroff of Precision Dogs. He doesn't just 'work with' dogs - he knows, reads and understands them. Not limited to helping just the 'easy' dogs, Dale's expertise manifests with the 'impossible' dogs.

I have seen countless 'unworkable' dogs arrive at Dale's as the last stop after a long fruitless chain of other trainers and experts before their owners are faced with the final unthinkable alternative. With his incredible powers of observation and assessment, Dale is able to accurately evaluate the dog and develop a successful training plan, returning them to their homes as well-behaved enjoyable pets. On several occasions, in the length of time it takes me to bring my dog from the car to his front porch, Dale has assessed her behaviors and revealed more about my dog than I was able to ascertain myself living with her in the previous months. Dale's own training program is based on correct assessment of displayed behaviors, basic learning/motivation principles for all creatures, trust, understanding and mutual respect. His genuine love and respect of the dogs, his incredible intelligence and knowledge, and his keen awareness of body language makes him amazing at training dogs and their owners. Because he knows that the owners will ultimately become the 'trainers' for the rest of the dog's life, Dale readily shares the various principles and techniques that will keep their pet responsive and a valued member of the family.

Since the day I first met him, there has never been any doubt that my next Search and Rescue dog would be trained by Dale. Predictably, my current Dale-trained German Shepherd, Penny, is by far the most impressive dog I have ever owned. As his business name implies, her obedience is precision and her search work impeccable. After easily acquiring her first American Kennel Club working title, "Tracking Dog", and her AKC "Canine Good Citizen" title, it almost seemed effortless to get her AKC "Companion Dog" obedience title.  Not only did she get her three qualifying scores in the first three shows entered, but her scores were all in the 190's (out of a possible 200) and she placed first in her class while competing against professionals.  I can only attribute such success to Dale's training.  She is a joy to have at work with me and our Sheriff's Department is proud to have us respond to emergency incidents. Penny's developing skill in detecting limited kinds of explosives is creating a demand for her from law enforcement agencies and schools throughout the County.

So it is with great honor and pride that I highly recommend Dale and Precision Dogs to anyone genuinely interested in the most reliable, confident, intelligent dogs for companions or working partners.

Respectfully and gratefully,

Eileen Porter
Klickitat County Sheriff's Search & Rescue


Dale Stavroff is the best, most common sense trainer (for both dogs and people) that I have ever met and I gladly refer my clients to him.

Dr. Lorne Carroll DVM.

March 23, 2005


Precision Dogs
Dale Stavroff
Roberts Creek, British Columbia

        Near the end of 2003, Eileen Porter, a member of the Klickitat County Sheriff's Office, received "Penny" from Precision Dogs. Dale Stavroff trained Penny, a German Shepherd, for limited explosives, tracking, and article searching.

        Eileen was able to spend time with Dale prior to taking Penny and has gone back for follow-up training and information. Eileen and her partner Penny have been a great asset to this agency and to the other agencies in the county.

        I would certainly recommend Dale Stavroff and Precision Dogs to any other agency interested in starting or enhancing their respective K-9 program.

Chris A. Mace, Sheriff (former)
Klickitat County
Goldendale, WA