Letting The Dog Decide

     Letting the dog decide may sound like an abdication of responsibility, a cop-out that ignores the violence that dogs are capable of inflicting.  After all, isn’t the point of training to get the dog to do what the owner wants, to obey commands and do what it is told?

     But as in Zen archery, where master archers say they simply “pull the bow and let the arrow find its target,” letting the dog decide is, in counterintuitive fact, the only route to willing obedience.  If we shape training situations and reinforce desired behaviors appropriately, we never have to command or force dogs to do anything...That is a path of inevitably diminishing returns.  If we let the dogs decide, they will do anything we ask eagerly, because they have seen for themselves that it is in their best interest to do so.

     The fundamental problem with current training techniques is that they shut down the dog’s mind or fail to empower it effectively.  My method keeps the dog’s mind open to learning and discovery, and there is nothing like seeing a confident, curious dog decide that the winning strategy is to do what you want it to do.   The thrill of seeing a dog open its mind to the training that is necessary for its well-being and safety is what keeps me excited about training after countless training sessions with countless dogs.  It is a thrill that every dog owner can experience with my methods.


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Let the Dog Decide