A New View of Dogs

There is always much to learn each day when working with dogs, whether you are a first-time owner or an experienced trainer, and this process never ends.  The system I have presented here is directed toward making both the trainer and the dog open to new possibilities.  It seeks to move the dog’s mind rather than its body, based on the theory that “where the mind goes, the body will follow.”  And it also seeks to move the owner into seeing dogs in a new, exciting light.  Dogs are wonderful creatures, and their psychology and behavior are complex and fascinating.

This idea presents itself as somewhat counterintuitive to the common understanding of the training of dogs and the supposed necessity to control them with rigid commands.  With a little patience and imagination, and the information and methods in this book, you can take the much more productive route of letting the dog decide to cooperate with your wishes of its own free will.  This will dramatically improve your relationship with your dog and the quality of your life together.  Be firm and fair, remembering that violence begets violence and that time and patience almost always win the day.

In doing so, you will see your dog’s mind open and its understanding and confidence grow.  You will see the dog’s increasing responsiveness to you develop into cooperative obedience that is leash-and-handler independent.

Your relationship with a dog that you have wisely and carefully trained will be richly rewarding in itself, and do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional health.  Not least of its benefits is that it will connect you to nature in a way that has become all too rare in the modern world.

Owning and training a dog should be fun and beneficial to all involved.  I hop I have offered you a better way to experience this process.

What’s In

Let the Dog Decide