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Let the Dog Decide


Do You Really  Want To Be Alpha?

      In fact, being alpha to your dog is a losing proposition for both of you.

     The reason is that among dogs, being alpha is a tenuous, temporary position.  In wolf and wild-dog packs, an alpha breeding pair dominate the pack.  But this does not mean that life in the pack is peaceful.  Beneath the alpha male and female, the other dogs are constantly wrangling for position, with the stronger dogs lording it over the weaker ones.

     When the alpha male in the pack shows any weakness because of age or injury, the younger males drive him out or literally tear him to pieces.  And then the strongest of these dogs compete to become the new alpha male.  The alpha female faces the same fate sooner or later.  After an average of two or three years at the top of the pack hierarchy, every alpha is replaced by a younger dog.

     If you reduce your human status to that of an alpha dog in your dog’s eyes, you are condemning yourself to trying to keep the dog permanently in submission...As time goes on, dogs with temperaments that place them below the midpoint of the spectrum from submission to dominant will gradually shut down and withdraw into themselves, while those at the midpoint or higher end the spectrum will grow more, not less, inclined to test your alpha status...

     Meanwhile, neither of these two types of dog will respect or listen to anyone else in the household...

     Alpha dominance training can easily create havoc, and even tragedy, in a household...

   Being a dog’s beloved master is something far different from being the alpha it must submit to or rue the consequences.  If you want a dog’s deference and respect, rather than its unwilling submission, you do not want to be alpha.